Three Good Things, June 4, 2020

Three Good Things that I experienced today are:

1. There is a kind nurse named Laurie who assisted me with getting a local hotel reserved using a grant to pay for it. She’s been able to get me a wonderful hotel that allows me to be within 10 minutes of my baby. There’s no where else I’d rather be than close to my new baby and I’m thankful towards her, this hospital, and those who fund the grant to support parents like me who must be so far away from their home in order to be close to their baby.

2. There is rain today and this is good because the days have gotten hot already. This rain is welcoming because the temperature has a dropped a lot, and the pollen is washed away with the cleansing rain. Living near the desert and in a drought striken part of California also means that this rain is very welcome to this area.

3. My baby is slowly starting to gain weight and getting closer to coming home. I’m so happy for his good health and strong will. I look forward to every moment I can spend time with him.

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