Three Good Things, May 31, 2020

Three Good things I’ve experienced today are:

1. My baby, Phoenix, enjoyed his bath. This is the first time I’ve ever given a baby a bath. The nurse assisted me in the process. I soothed my baby with my voice and went thru the process slowly with him. He seemed to really enjoy sitting in the warm tub as I held his head and sat him up to rinse him off. It was so adorable and loving.

2. The weather turned out quite lovely. There are many beautiful flowers that are bright and smell good around the hotel I’m staying at. In the morning I enjoy my short walk around the hotel grounds where I can enjoy the landscaping, pleasant scents and quietness. There is a water fountain as well that calms my mind and fills me with peace which is a welcoming feeling first thing in the morning.

3. I really appreciate the food my mother cooked for me while I’m staying at this hotel a couple hours away from home. She makes delicious food and I have so much gratitude towards all the things she does for me, and especially in this moment, the yummy food she cooks! This time around she cooked up meatballs using beyond meat and her special blend of spices and sauce. It’s so good I can’t stop eating it!!

What three good things have you experienced today?

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  1. It is good to show your appreciation to your mother. I know that she is doing all things for you with love. One day you will follow her foot step to show your love towards your children.
    I think it is call recycle of loving cycle.

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