Three Good Things, May 28, 2020

Three good things I experienced throughout my day are:

  1. This morning the Physical Therapist helped me with getting baby to latch and suckle. She was very patient and helpful in explaining the process and tips on how to hold my baby. I felt very happy because baby did latch and suckle quite often in the first feeding session. He is progressing so well and will hopefully graduate from the NICU sooner than the estimated 3 more weeks (he’s been in the NICU for 2 weeks already).
  2. My baby, Phoenix, was able to latch again this evening and get some milk from mom. I’m so happy he’s getting stronger and bigger day by day. Pretty soon he’ll be able to come home! Having him is the best thing ever in my life and I am so happy to be a mother now.
  3. My parents made a long drive down to my house to be able to be with my husband as he prepares for knee surgery. My mom offered to stay and help take care of him and things around the house while he’s recovering from the surgery. I am unable to be there as I’m a few hours away to be close to my baby in the NICU. I’m so grateful and happy that my parents are so supportive and loving.

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  1. Do all things with love to make this world a better place. Love can spread far especial a mother love their young so much. There is not a way to measure mother‘s love.

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