Three Good Things, May 27, 2020

Three good things that I experienced today:

  1. My baby latched for a short time even though he’s a premature baby and it’s a lot of work for him. But, he did it! It’s the sweetest thing to have my baby at my nipple, knowing I’m nourishing him and feeling so close to my baby. Motherhood is so wonderful.
  2. My friend offered to help out with driving my husband to the hospital tomorrow morning since I cannot be there. He’s very kind to do this for us and has been so helpful over the last few months of challenges I’ve endured. The seemingly smallest things can make a big difference in someone’s life.
  3. My friend’s wife offered to help clean the cat litter and vacuum the first floor because my husband is injured and unable to do so. They have been super helpful over the past few months. They’ve helped ease the workload and their support shows how kind and giving people can be.

At the end of each day I’d like to start writing three good things that I’ve experienced that day. This helps me keep positive and to practice being a happier person. It reminds me that despite the hardships endured and negativity in this world, good things do occur in my life and those moments are what I want to focus on and remember.

What are three good things that you experienced today?

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