Mojave Desert Rain 8 April 2020

Today and yesterday we received a lot of rain in the Mojave Desert – near Barstow, CA. The excessive rain causes flash flooding in the area resulting in road shut downs, and washed out trails/roads. The land here doesn’t receive consistent rain and so, when it pours out here, the rain, instead of getting soaked up by the desert, will run down in a flood to the lower elevations. Be careful! The good news about the rain, ignoring other annoyances like mud that clings to you shoes and puddles that form everywhere, is the revitalizing water that all the plants and animals can enjoy out here.

My cat has been obsessed with going outside lately. She likes to eat the grass just to puke it all up an hour later. She’s since learned to eat in moderation and now only snacks a little bit on it which I appreciate. But, she has to beg anytime I go near the door to be let out. I put her on a harness and leash when I do let her out and she absolutely loves it. It’s pretty cute unless she’s constantly meowing and pawing at the door – even with the rain going on outside. Anyone else a sucker for whatever their cat wants?

Don’t mind the patchy grass. I’m in a rental and am not an advocate for grass in a desert environment but, the grass is mandatory here. I prefer not to waste water on it.

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