Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Earlier this month in March I visited the Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden located near Las Vegas, Nevada. It is also part of the Ethel M Chocolates’ which I DID sample and ended up purchasing some delicious salted caramel chocolates! Yes, I do recommend going into the chocolate factory if you enjoy that sort of thing.


An appropriate name for these sharp looking plants!
The gardens are free to walk through and have concrete pathways making it easy to tour the 4 acres of the garden. The garden is made up of cacti and succulents with over 300 species growing there. Most of the desert plants on display here are native to the American Southwest though, they do have a variety growing from other parts of the world such as Australia and South America.



My favorite part was watching the multitude of birds feasting on the plants and flying among the many species of plants. There’s even a mini lion that seems to own the gardens and stalks the birds between the cacti and succulents! He blended very well into the desert environment and seemed to enjoy being out in his little wonderland!  I can’t upload videos to this site but, I was watching a bird eat these cute pink flowers when, suddenly, a very fluffy cat sprang upon it.  Alas, too late to catch his meal and the bird flew away to safety.20200228_121024.jpg20200228_120959.jpg20200228_120150.jpg20200228_120010.jpg20200228_115801.jpg20200228_115441.jpg20200228_115651.jpg20200228_120739.jpg20200228_121134.jpg

They do have a website that I’m sharing with you in case you feel like checking the place out:
And the gardens can be found at:
2 Cactus Garden Dr.
Henderson, NV 89014

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