September in the Mojave

The first night I spent out here turned out to be a lot colder than I expected. The winds blew strongly against my face, my tent flapped about all night and I stayed awake expecting the wind to take the tent away with me in it. I also shivered and put on all the clothes I’d taken with me for this first night out in the desert. It wasn’t much as I expected a warmer evening. However, the following several nights out here have been mild, and peaceful. There is a surprisingly large amount of life out here that one wouldn’t expect from a desert environment if you’re not used to it. Large black beetle creatures seek out any wetness that may have dropped off my cooler into the sand. They bury head first into the center of where the water has dropped into the sand. Little birds are around as well. I’m guessing they live in the bushes all around me. I take care to not run over the bushes.

I saw a butterfly. I haven’t seen any flowers though. There are plenty of little grasshoppers that hang out mainly by the bushes that are scattered throughout the desert. I scared a jackrabbit out of its hiding spot as I drove by. It’s long ears stood tall as it quickly hopped away from me. I also scared a roadrunner. I’m not sure how that bird hides as it’s brightly colored and doesn’t seem to have any camouflage to match it’s surroundings.

I’m still searching out the protected desert tortoises but no luck yet. I did find what I think is it’s den. A large rock with a hole under it. Markings in the sand that could be a tortoise. No sign of snakes either but, I’m ok not meeting one of those out here.

The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful against the mountainous backdrop. I love the peace out here.

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