Crossbones the Cat

Crossbones is from Germany, I adopted him in 2011 from a farm where he lived with several cats and dogs. He had fleas, ear mites and a voracious appetite. I sat down with the family at their dining table where a mom cat was feeding her sick baby. Crossbones jumped up on the table, I think to beg for food, and then just sat there as I spoke to that family about their pets for adoption. He just sat there and looked at me, asked for some head pets and I knew I wanted him to be part of my family.

Having learned to fight for food growing up, he tries to eat food as fast as possible. After the past 8 years of living with him and feeding him, he has only slowed a little bit. He’s a quick cat and very friendly and loveable. He may be shy at first but, once he warms up to a person, he’ll be next to you asking for food…or pets. On a cold night he likes to burrow under the covers and cuddle. He’s very chill. He’s also very fast! His play and hunt instinct are on point and sometimes he startles me with how fast he can jump on a string or jump to catch a fluffy ball.

In short, that’s Crossbones.

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  1. I know Crossbones for he have lived with us as part of family for three years in the past.
    He is a very smart cat, listening to you to respond with meow and his big eyes. He remember us even after we were apart for a long time to rub his nose to my ankle, or my hands as his welcome to me. Since he was younger and strong I always need to say his name to back off from a confrontation with once an older male cat that lived together or an older cat he is now to back off from a younger female cat. He is a kind and loving cat . I love him and trust his to me also.

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