Winter Gardening

If you’re like me, right now is not necessarily the time I’m outside working in the garden. Mostly, this is because it’s cold and rainy!! However, this is a good time to get some trimming done while the bushes and trees are in hibernation. If you are not expecting any warm weather to pop up, which will encourage growth, then you can work on trimming back a little.

I have a tree in my small, urban backyard that I need to keep trimmed in order to keep it from hanging over on the neighbors side. I like to be thoughtful of their space to keep my plants contained as much as possible. I’d appreciate the same thing for my own space. (I can’t wait to move somewhere with more land so I don’t have to worry about this so much!)

Also, I think it’s time to cut back, SIGNIFICANTLY, on my poor rose bushes that were afflicted with Rose Rosette Disease (RRD). I have noticed that if I cut back as soon as possible on the diseased canes that helps contain and prevent the continued spread of the disease. I’m very sad that all my beautiful rose bushed got RRD. If it doesn’t work, I will take them completely out next year and plant something new and that requires less maintenance.

Because I planted native flowers in my front yard, I decided to leave them out without “tidying” the area so that they also can perform as one would use mulch for. Plus, I hear that leaving the plants out will help the bumble bees as they nest in the ground and need some cover for protection. Luckily, the plants are still green with some white flowers so it actually looks kind of nice in the yard. Better than mulch anyway!

What are you doing in your garden in January? It’s cold out for most I imagine and I hope you’re keeping warm! Keep gardening For Greener Thumbs readers!

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