Rose rosette disease

I have a rose that became afflicted with rose rosette disease (RRD) earlier this year. From everything I’ve read, this means the rosebush is pretty much a goner. However, reluctant to cut down my beautiful rose, I decided only to cut off the diseased looking parts. What I found, following each time I cutoff the RRD afflicted canes, is that my rose would bloom healthy beautiful roses! Therefore, I continued thru this year to cut off the afflicted canes as fast as I could catch them growing. I wasn’t perfect at this task, and I’ll admit that sometimes weeks would go by without a trim and those RRD canes grow FAST! But, everytime I trimmed, healthy roses would comeout!

So, I listened to a podcast recently that explained RRD comes from an insect that bores into the plant. And, that the way he managed the RRD was to also cut the diseased canes as soon as theystarted growing. He said that the only time he recommends pruning roses during the summer is to get rid of those diseased canes.

I think that there is hope for roses with RRD. However, it will take extra care and a keen eye to keep the rose healthy. if you’re willing to put in that time and a small amount of effort, you may very well save your RRD afflicted roses!

For my previous post on RRD see here: Rose Rosette Disease

Happy gardening For Greener Thumbs readers!

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