Philadelphia Flower Show, Part 6

Philadelphia Flower Show, Part 6:

Final Review

The show is well worth a visit. It occurs annually and I recommend you take a visit of you’re able and nearby. Coming from DC it really wasn’t a bad drive. Plus, I took the opportunity and ate a late lunch at a delicious dim sum spot in their Chinatown.

These plants displayed are additional ones that didn’t fall into the previous categories I wrote about in Parts 1-5.

They also displayed best arrangements in several categories. I really enjoyed the Japanese style arrangements.

The philadrendon pink lady was a beautiful display.

Additional displays I thought were worth sharing with you.

Some of their orchid display is here though, I did not focus much on their display having just spent time at the National Botanical Garden where they had a much grander orchid display. You can find that blog here: Botanical Gardens, Orchids

Part 1, Initial Entry into the flower show and my first review can be found here: Part 1

Part 2, the Begonia display can be found here: Part 2

Part 3, Cacti and Succulents can be found here: Part 3

Part 4, Ferns can be found here: Part 4

Part 5, Terrariums can be found here: Part 5

Thanks for reading, For Greener Thumbs followers. Have a great day!

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  1. I love the way you organized all photos. They presented so nice and beautiful . I appreciate you are sharing even I was their in the flower show. I enjoy your way of organization.

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