Practice Patience thru Gardening

In today’s society, I’ve observed a tendency towards instant gratification and impatience in people that is fed by, or perhaps created from, technology that has enhanced and changed how we interact socially, how we purchase goods, and how quickly we receive and provide feedback to such platforms. Swipe left, swipe right. Buy now. Like. ###. We expect instant text responses, immediate updates, news all around us, friend updates and all fed to us by twitter, facebook, snapchat, Instagram and we can get it all NOW. And usually thru our smart phones sitting right in our pocket or, most likely, in our hands. In today’s society, it’s a wonder we have patience at all when we expect immediate notifications for most everything.

One way I practice patience is through gardening and tending to my plants. A plant, to see it through it’s growth, takes time and patience. There are ways we humans have forced plants to grow quicker, bigger and more abundant however, for most of us home gardeners, we use a simple and natural method. I find peace and exercise my patience when I grow a plant from seed. There is no rushing the plant from the start and only through tending to the seedling, thru it’s slow growth, can I get to the point where the final produce or flower can be harvested or emerged and enjoyed. Eating that fruit, vegetable or looking at the flower gives that sense of satisfaction. And, to me, it feels so much more gratifying knowing that I took the time and care to get that plant to grow. This whole process is an exercise in care and patience.

I hope all of you, For Greener Thumbs readers, find some peace and appreciate the patience you exercise as you tend to your garden.

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