Clear the Mind through Gardening

Some days are better than others. Some days are worse. Other days may not be that bad, but, full of stress and anxiety. Sometimes my mind latches on to a thought or a particular action and just won’t let it go; I may replay it over and over in my head. If I’m feeling frustrated, flabbergasted, or like my mind is unable to let go of negative thoughts, I like to turn to my garden and plants to clear my mind and meditate.

Just looking at green, lush plants can give me a sense of calm and well-being. Like everything is just quiet now and this moment belongs to me and my plants. Here they sit, quietly growing.

The colors are like therapy to my eyes and mind. Each color brings different senses to my being.

This matte maroon color is pleasing amd comforting in that it looks soft.

The pink to white colors of the lotus and it’s colorful leaf companion is cute and makes me smile inside, like there is a some small tenderness between me and the plant.

The vibrancy of a red rose makes me feel awake and alive. There is passion in life!

Different plants and their colors elicit certain feelings, thought and emotions for me. Each person interprets it in a different way. I enjoy just being in the garden, no other thought in the world except what is exactly at hand. I could be appreciating the colors of the flower, the lush green leaves, the fragrant smell of the flowers, or just happily working in the garden, focused on the task at hand. This ‘being in the moment’ is what really clears my head and slows down the racing thoughts.

Keep calm and garden on, For Greener Thumbs readers!

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  1. I like these photos in this blog. Also the agree to walk and work in garden is a way to clear my mind and a feeling good after some labor work.
    Thank you for sharing your good thoughts.

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