FGT #16: Start Planning Now For Your Garden

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #16: Start Planning for your vegetable garden now.

For many people, the last frost date for your zone is coming up within the next couple months. If you want to know what zone you’re in try this link to learn more: plant hardiness zone

Now is the time to start prepping what you want to start growing indoors in order to get an early start on your vegetables. Bust out the seedling kit!

Tip on how to plant your seeds can be found here: Planting the seeds

I like to use recycled parts as my seed tray. See here for ideas: Seed Starting. Yogurt containers, old plastic trays, just remember to sanitize it first.

One of the more common diseases for the New seedlings is called Damping Off. You can read about it from that link. BLUF: use sterilized soil, or a soil less mix.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, For Greener Thumbs readers! Have a great day. 🥕🍇🍈🍅

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