FGT Tip #14: Consider decreasing the size of your lawn

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #14: Decrease grass, Increase flowers

I think having green, well trimmed grass is nice to see but, there are much prettier and easier ways to maintain a garden that is also much more beneficial to the environment and her creatures. I’m talking about butterflies, bees and birds and more.

A lawn requires mowing, perhaps you use fertilizer, and water, lots and lots of water. And what does it attract? Maybe some chiggers or ants….certainly not bees or butterflies.

Instead, you can get a bag of pollinators seeds, usually free from your local conservationist organization, maybe an arboretum, botanical garden, or buy online or thru your local gardening shop. Throw that out there, following directions of the bag of course, and after you’ve gotten rid of the grass, then, water and wait and you’ll get some flowers that will attract the bees and butterflies. It may attract other little flying bugs, which is great, because now the birds have snacks to eat, right out of your front lawn.

I know I make it sound more simple than it really is but, I am trying to encourage people to stop with the monotony of lawns that do not benefit much at all and are more costly with time and money. For Greener Thumbs readers, I hope you consider trying growing more flowers and start replacing that grass. Doing just a little at a time makes it easier.

Happy Gardening friends!!

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  1. The past ten years has been dry and less rain at our home town. We really did not like to take care of lawn any more and tired of endless fight with weeds plus clean our neighbor‘s cat waste.
    We began to transplant our maple trees, azerlia bushes to form some outline of landscape. By that time we have got rid almost half size of our lawm,in order to grow nice trees. Following tne next few more years we really think of water conservation and decided to dug out all of grass from our yard. Now we don‘t have any lawn any more.
    It was a hard labor work but now I have a yard full of trees, flowers and we warter only to where we have planted flowers, trees.
    Our two neighbors also got rid of their lawn. I think we now all have pretty yard without lawn.

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