Cat: Meow-Meow, The plant killer

My cat, Meow-Meow decided to terminate the lives of a few plants and their pots this morning.

Meow-Meow’s tail got stuck on one of those super sticky yellow papers that are used as bug traps.

Poor girl freaked out. Jumped off the kitchen island, about 4 plants fell off, broken pots, water and soil on kitchen floor….and freaking out kitty cat running around crazy.

By the way, this happened this morning right after my run at 730. I have to leave by 8 for work and still haven’t eaten or showered.

So, I seek her out and find her hiding in the closet upstairs so, I begin to cut off the tape thats stuck on her tail and leg. Poor girl. She cried a bit then hid after I cut off the sticky paper.

Then, after about 15min of me cleaning, drying and trying to save the plants downstairs, and carefully picking up broken pieces of glass and ceramic, here comes Meow-Meow, sniffing around the dirt and scratching her cat post. So innocent. Like nothing happened.

RIP my plants that crashed to their end today. And to my nice pots!

Have a good day, For Greener Thumbs readers!


  1. Lots of laugh.
    To the cat lover also is deep care of their plants.
    Well , plants may survive in other planter pot.
    Don‘t cry over a broken pots!


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