FGT Tip #11: Shopping for Plants

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #11: Shopping for Plants, a small tip to help you as you decide what plants to add to your garden or house.

Before you go out and purchase a new plant, determine where in your garden you want to plant it.  You’ll need to know how much sun that area is going to get, what zone you are in and what the soil is like.  In some cases you may even want to add some soil before putting in a new plant to your garden, depending on the quality of your dirt.

I always get excited going to the garden center – I usually have to refrain from buying too many plants and to remember I have LIMITED space and have to pick and choose wisely! Haha.

When picking out a flowering plant, pick the ones with lots of buds but, one that isn’t necessarily already flowered. Having one with a few buds means that after you’ve planted it in your garden, you’ll have those flowers bloom and be able to enjoy them while it’s happily seated in your garden.

Check for dead leaves, signs of pests/bugs, mildew, or discolored leaves – this is a sign of an unhealthy plant and best to avoid bringing it or it’s bugs, into your garden.

If it’s super wilted or dried out, then it’s probably on sale. I like to take my chances with these and have gotten more than 75% of them to come back to life.  They were so cheap that it was worth it to me.  If you get a wilted/dried out plant then check again to make sure it’s not a bug/disease, and if you decide to purchase, then remember it may take a little more TLC (Tender Loving Care) than normal in order to get it healthy.

Have a great day For Greener Thumbs readers!


  1. I stopped at local Homedepot or other large stores where they also carry plants. They store told me since they have one year guarantee from there nursery so there aren‘t any discounted plants for sale any more.


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