FGT Tip #9: Watering Indoor Plants

For Greener Thumbs, Tip#9: Watering Indoor Plants

Hi For Greener Thumbs readers. Today, we are going to talk about some general watering tips for indoor plants. First, I am assuming that the indoor plants are containerized, meaning they live in a pot of some sort.  To help keep these plants properly hydrated, I am recommending the following tips be taken into consideration.  Following these tips have helped me keep happy, and thriving plants in my house. Now, some tips I’ve learned because I also have lost my fair share of plants through poor practices.  It’s all a learning experience and the point is to Learn from those mistakes and from what went right.  I should write another blog on why I garden and care for plants. I’d hope that would reach out to my readers and I’d also love to hear why you have a love of gardening. However, today lets get on to my tips for watering indoor plants.

1. Don’t over water. The number 1 problem I’ve had in the past is overwatering my plants.  Each plant has their own needs when it comes to water. I’ve overwatered succulents before and lost almost all of them. I’ve since learned that my ‘love’ is not needed as much with the succulent. In turn I’ve decided to forgo having too many of those. I am down to about 5 now and am not looking to get more. Anyway, regardless, make sure you check the soil and determine whether you really need to water that particular plant before you do. Even the season is a factor in how much water they want or need.  

2. Keep your water out for 24hr if you have the space for it. I wrote a blog about this before here:  FGT Tip #1. So I won’t go too much into it now.

3. Thoroughly soak your plant every few months. I like to do this once a year actually. Place the entire plant and pot in a tub of water and let it soak until all the bubbles rise to the top. Use tepid water so as not to shock the plants with too hot or cold water.

4. Empty the saucer after top watering. Once youve watered from the top, allow about 15 minutes to pass and then dump the excess water or use a turkey baster to empty the saucer. 

5. Water from the bottom on plants that don’t like water on their leaves or stems. Examples of these types of plants are the African violet (see here for tips on care:  African Violet Care) or begonias.

6. Shower. I think the plants love getting their leaves cleaned once in a while. If you don’t want to give it a shower, then just gently wiping the leaves every few months is helpful to take the dust off. Of course, don’t do this for the plants that rot should they get water on their leaves.

7. Finally, tell them you love them! I think they respond better to nice sounds and word of comfort.  Or, sometimes I even put on soothing classical music. I think they respond well to it, but, that’s just me.

Thanks for reading, For Greener Thumbs readers! Happy Gardening!


  1. I like the turkey baster way to take of excessive water from saucer. It will save me tons of labor to empty each one for my house plants. Besides I got chance to use the baster.
    I also use egg shell water to wipe off snake plant , broad leaves plants once a while. Soak egg shells in water first.
    Good tips.


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