FGT Tip #6: What to Compost

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #6:  What to Compost♻️

Maybe you’ve thought about what you can do to start your own compost at home. I’m going to give you a list of common items you may have in your house or yard that you can consider using to build your compost pile. I owe another blog to discuss how exactly you can start making a compost pile and the details behind that.  For now this is a list of things you can use and things you should never use for your compost pile.

There are many materials you can use but, ensure you avoid using anything that had been treated with pesticides, chemicals or has any infestation of bugs. Also, avoid weeds that have flowers or seeds otherwise you will be just spreading weeds wherever you use the compost. 

Things you can use for your compost:

Kitchen scraps that are uncooked such as carrot peeling, onion skins, egg shells, want part of a vegetable or fruit that you didn’t eat or had cut but not use to cook. Even that lettuce that sat to long in the fridge is already on its way to being compost. 

Tea leaves

Coffee grinds⛾

Leaves from the yard🍂🍃

Cut plants from trimmings


Farm animal manure🐎🐄

Spent crops like bolted spinach or old pea vines

Things NOT TO USE:

anything treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizer (like grass clippings)


Food that is from animal other than egg shells

Cat😺,  dog🐶,  or human waste💩

Poison ivy or oak 


 Any part of a Black walnut or eucalyptus tree

Color paper due to potential toxic ink

That’s all for now! Keep exercising your green thumbs!👍

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