FGT Tip: Annuals vs Perennials

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #5: What is the difference between Annual versus Perennial plants?

An annual is a plant that basically will complete its full life in one season. Meaning, it’ll go from seed, to plant, then flowers, drops seeds and then that plant dies.  The next year the seeds will start again.  If you collect the seeds then, you can grow these annuals in different parts of the garden or share amongst your friends.

A perennial will, as you probably guessed, come back another season and so on. Usually, a store labels a perennial as a flowering plant that comes back every year.  So, the roots are still alive and well when the top part of the plant looks dead over the winter.  You’ll see the plant coming back to life in the spring.

Commonly known perennials are irises, families and chrysanthemums.

Now, there are variations to the two terms such as biennials, tender perennials and so on. 

Well hope that gave you a quick understanding of the difference of the two.

Happy Gardening!

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