For Greener Thumbs Tips

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #3:

Buy your seeds now.  Use online sites and many of them will send you a free catalog as well.  Though, I prefer the online method so as not to create more waste with the seed catalogs they send.

If you’re like me, the first seed catalog I received got me so excited that I wanted to buy everything that looked good to me! But, remember that starting from seed is a lot of work and requires a lot of patience.  Consider how much room you have as well to grow your veggies/fruits/plants.

Another thing, you can easily find a lot of seed companies when you search online. Ask gardeners or people you trust for their opinion on which seed companies worked best for them and which had best seed quality.

Remember to check shipping costs too.  Often that can be more than the seeds. If it’s a common type plant, I’d recommend going to a local garden center or store to get.  The nice thing about catalogs is that you can find unique items there.
Happy Gardening!


  1. The only seeds I will use is in my vegetable garden. I think there are only 30% of them sprouts for me every time. There are so many young vegetables to buy at the local nursery store.
    So what I do is get tomato , pepper plant from the store. I then seed in some squashes, cantaloupe, been, bitter and cucumber in a warmer day. Where I live is May and there are plenty months to have those bigger seeds vegetable to mature for late summer or fall.
    When you swap seeds to make sure is what you ask for not a different plants to surprise you.
    Such like Kapacha vs Pumpkin.

    Have fun planting.

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  2. I like to see you have such patience and love for your plants. I see you have grow your garden in less then few years only. Yet you have learn to look into magazines, books or swap ideas. Not only you grow your plants in seeds, try re pots, aquatic plants in gold fish water and you share your experience to friends.
    I admire your strength and interesting that you have put into gardening.
    Great hobby, kindness spirit to nature and a happy person.
    Thank you so much for your site and sharing.

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