New plants

Ikea has decent priced indoor plants and are, so far, of good quality.  If you’re just starting out exercising that green thumb, try out Ikea plants for something fairly easy and without much of an investment.

This is a Dracanea Deremensis.

My cat of course nipped the end off immediately upon seeing the plant. ʅ(́◡◝)ʃ

Same type but bigger.

And finally this one I found to be quite pretty. Cat wasn’t interested in chewing this one. The leaves are much tougher and more rubber like. I didn’t catch the name but can find out and update later.

I haven’t had time to repot them but, I suggest that you immediately repot into a slightly larger pot with a hole  and some good potting soil. Then, water well and  ensure you have a saucer underneath to catch the water run off.  Be gentle taking it out of the plastic pot you buy it in and don’t yank the plant out by its stem. Instead, slowly turn and try easing it out of the pot by loosening the soil from the pot. Pat around the pot, holding it sideways and encourage it to drop free of the pot.

Keep practicing for your greener thumb!

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