Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for it’s medicinal properties.  It’s a great addition to have in your home as well because it helps purify your air.

Aloe is a fairly easy plant to grow and even those with a “black thumb” could keep this plant alive. There isn’t to much involvement in the care of this to plant so, I recommend that for those new to gardening start off with an aloe to grow in your home.


The below pictures are from the National Botanical Garden in D.C.  They have a large selection of aloe here to see in the herb section of their garden.20170205_134935

Ensure the plant has plenty of light. This is important to feed the plant. Lost succulents require a good amount of light to thrive.


One of the most common reasons the aloe may suffer is when you over water the plant. Check the dirt and if it is completely dry then water it.  When you do water it, it should drain through and freely from the soil.


Below you can see how the aloe has several growing in the pot. If you have one doing this you can carefully cut and dig it away and create a new plant in a different pot. But, try to do during the slow growing season such as late winter or early spring.20170205_135003

The soil should be slightly sandy, pourous and drains well.  There is cactus potting soil you can purchase or just add some perlite to normal soil.20170205_135010

Pick a leaf to cut for use as a topical agent or to eat for digestive or its diarrheal properties.  When the tip is pinkish then you have a mature leaf ready to harvest.  Cleanly cut close to the trunk and choose a larger leaf. Remember that the aloe plant grows slow.


 One other benefit of this plant is that it helps purify the air. This plant was studied in NASA 1980 study of houseplants and discovered to have the ability to filter the air from benzene, a chemical typically found in paint.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the aloe vera plant. 

Dont forget to get one and start exercising your green thumb!

Thanks for reading and happy gardening!

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  1. This is the one plant that I don’t have, even I know is good to have at home, useful and care free plant. I think is the look that is not appeal to me
    My good neighbor asked me just today to keep one from her mother plants. One of Chinese friend wanted me to keep one near house so it will also help to stop bleeding? if I needed. There is a formula how to homemade dish drops, shampoo cleaning lotion to use all natural ingredients included Aloe Vera. It has been two years now the copy of this formula is sitting in my drawer.
    Well one day I will dig out one from my neighbor just for the good sake to purify air.

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