Kenilworth Aquatic Garden: Lotus and Water Lily Festival 15 July 2017

The Kenilworth Aquatic Garden in D.C. has an annual Lotus and Water Lily Festival that I highly recommend you visit if you are in DC in July.  The wild wetlands is the ONLY national park dedicated to aquatic plants and, because it is D.C., it’s FREE$$!!  It’s a fantastic time where you can walk the park and see all the beautiful lily and lotus flowers – some taller than a person!  They also have performances by Chinese and other Asian cultures which are just wonderful to watch.  They do so well that you know they spend time practicing for the dances they perform at this annual festival.  There are also activities such as painting, making your own Lotus Flower paper hat (keep off that sun!) and tea tasting.  Make sure to bring water when you go because it is very warm and humid in July in DC.  They do provide some water jugs but you’ll at least need to bring a water bottle.  (Don’t buy plastic – use reusable water bottles).

Here are the pictures I wanted to share with you so you can see what you’ll be able to observe while taking a short hike out in the aquatic gardens.


I hope you are inspired to visit this park one day.

Happy Gardening!!


  1. I visited this garden twice in the past few years.
    Winter season is good for walking, talking to our officer/guide in a slower pace. He is very knowledgeable such about the history , land marks, natural animals water level tide change. It is a very huge land to let all trees, flowers, water animals to love in peace. But in July the mud pond filled in water and are alive with tall beautiful color and giant green leaves of locus. Visitors filled in smiling, walking,taking pictures, sitting to watch dancing show, or picnicking on the lawn area.
    It is one of my favor place to visit. We took Metro and walk to the park the first time and drove the other time. Parking is free. Neighbors are very quiet.
    I appreciate the flowers, plants, trees and also enjoy that peace of land You find your place for your mind here.
    Thank you for this topic.


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