Plants of Puerto Rico

I have been traveling around again and want to share my trip with all my awesome readers.  I went there for a few days for work and took pictures of different trees and plants in the area I stayed. I mostly spent time in San Juan.  My favorite tree is the one featured in this post called the Tree of Hope. This is located on a reserve military base.  It is a Ceiba Tree. The roots are unique and thick as you can see in the picture. The tree has seen Soldiers from as far back as WW I.

I envy gardeners in P.R.  The weather is humid, sunny and warm. The conditions are great for tropical plants. Below is a fantastically sized Mango tree. It is the first I have ever seen anyway. Unfortunately, the mangoes were still very green!

I also stopped at a nursery because they had a lot of beautiful orchids.  I wish I lived in an environment that would allow them to grow so abundantly.

Finally, I walked below trees along the beach and through the neighborhood on my way to the beach.  The tree was beautiful and had vines winding all around it.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your comments! Please share with your friends or family. Until next time!




  1. Tree of Hope,what a honest to see it in your blog. Heaven for plants kingdom at PR.
    Good pictures of plants in this blog.
    Thank for sharing. I love it.


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