Aquaponics start up

The first thing I did for the Aquaponics set up was look for a design online. I researched how to set one up, and different methods for DIY Aquaponics/Hydroponics.  Once I decided on a method, I found a cheap, used Aquarium.  Here are the parts I have for you to set up a similar Aquaponic system:

Aquarium; gravel bed; water heater; floating planter device; hyrdoton (clay pebbles); fish; plants; air pump; hoses; net pots; light for your plants; stand or place to put your aquarium; water test kit; nutrient solution for the water20170228_200920


Let it sit about 24hrs in order to dechlorinate it.  Tap water will have some level of chlorine.  Also, you can use dechlorinating formula usually found in the fish section of the pet store.  Before you put any plants in it, make sure to check the pH.  Before you add fish, you need to do some cycling – there are several ways to do this.  I recommend you look up ways to cycle you water with or without fish.  This takes a few weeks usually.  I recommend cycling without fish and then once the system is ready, you can add your fish safely.  Once you’ve completed the cycling, ensure the water level is about 1/4″ into the net pot. Check the level daily to ensure the water is touching the roots.  Add your nutrient solution accordingly.20170228_200939

As you can see, I added some aquarium plants.  There are three types and also, I got the moss balls from Amazon that I think are super cute.20170228_201000

For the floating platform, I had to get inventive because I didn’t want to spend the time to build up a shelf-like platform.  Instead, I bought a rubber mat that is larger than the opening of the aquarium.  I measured the size of the pot from under the lip of the pot. This diameter is what I used to cut holes in the rubber mat. The reason for this is so that I can slip the pots down the hole in the mat, and the lip catches and keeps the pot floating its bottom in the water while the top is above the mat.


Below you can see the set up almost all full. I am waiting for the water to sit out for 24hrs to dissipate the chlorine before putting it into the tank.20170301_072349

Above, I also put in the air bubbler with a volcano decoration that I think looks pretty spiffy. My cat likes the set up so far.20170303_185829

I ordered a clip grow light online and clipped it to a small post and angled it down to the plants.  I leave it on most the day – when I leave for work and when I get back I will shut it off.20170306_053835

Here you can see the final product with a couple fish.  I will keep posting updates as my aquaponics system gets more settled in.




    1. Hi, Andrew. In fact, yesterday I just added 4 mollies to the mix. Today I did a water test and everything remains the same although I am expecting a jump in ammonia and nitrites until the bacteria is fully established.


      1. You are such an enviromental oriented and an enthousiam to our nature living. Very interestes setting.
        I raise two gold fish for the past twelve years. All I did to our nature is to save fish water for our garden.
        I believe this fish tank setting also will provide soothing our eyes and soul at the same time recycle our nature from both fish and plants waste.


  1. We raise two fold fish for the past twelve years. We clean the tank weekly and use fish waste water to our garden.
    You are such an environmental oriented and enthousiam to recycle waste back to nature. It is a very clever way of your setting.
    I believe at the same time we also enjoy a soothing view from both fish and plants.
    Lovely idea in you home to have.


  2. Hey there. I couldn’t help but notice your blog and I found it interesting. I just started aquaponics in my closet. I was wondering, how do you deal with the algae problem being polite can get your water? Are you running a UV filter


    1. Hi Eric. The algae has been a problem on the tank where the light hits the aquarium glass. I have been scrubbing it when I do water changes. I also plan to buy a pleco and Amano shrimp to help reduce the algae and dead plant leaves I occasionally get. The mollies actually do a decent job of eating algae and dead leaves. I am also getting algae buildup on top of the plant holder. I scrub that occasionally as well. To prevent the algae or mildew, try to keep the light away. But, since I have live plants IN the tanks, they require light, which means I have to deal with algae.

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      1. Yeah same here I’ve got hydroponic strawberries, a spider plant, lettuce, Sage, iand other stuff


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