Flowering Bulbs Indoor

I have been on hiatus lately due to travel for work and vacation. I have been thinking about all my readers and this blog everyday though and have so much to talk about.  Recently, I went to Miami and have a funny story about the Tree Wars there that I will share in a future blog.  I also traveled to North Carolina and then overseas to a middle eastern country.  That place is a dry desert and there is not much plant life to speak of there.  There is a definite lack of vegetation except during their two weeks of rain they get annually.

Today, the blog centers around indoor, hydroponically-grown bulbs.  Specifically, the tulip.  If you like to bring some color and beauty of flowers indoor, forcing indoor bulbs are a great option.  Of course, you do not have to use hydroponics and can instead grow the bulbs more traditionally, via pot and dirt. I think the hydroponic version is a great way to display and grow your bulbs.

First off, use a wide mouthed clear, glass container.


Use a plastic netting, or net pot on the bottom. The netting allows the roots to grow through the bottom and for the bulbs to be fed through the nutrient-enriched water. The bulbs should be placed on top the net pot (make sure it is upright or it will grow upside down!)


Fill the container so that the water is covering about 1/4 inch of the bulb.  Place in sun and add nutrient solution to the water.

Always check water level and use tepid water to refill at the right level.

Soon, you will have the stems and leaves come up and eventually, the blossoms will come out. Using tulips allows you great variety of bright, cheerful options to display in your house.

20170216_052716It is hard to grow a second season and I recommend you store appropriately, keeping it cool at least three months before you want it to bloom. Please do research for proper post bloom care for tulips if you wish to try and use the same bulbs next year.

Every time I see these they bring a smile to my face!



  1. Those red with yellow strip tulip are so bright. Green leaves on top are really good looking in the house.
    They are beautiful and thank you for taking time write and taking picyures to share eith us under your busy working schedule,


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