Philadelphia Winter Gardens

First off, Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the Rooster!!  Last night I checked out Chinatown, Philadelphia and enjoyed the parade they had.  There were a lot of people, firecrackers and dragon dancers!  I spent the day walking thru Philadelphia and taking pictures of different plants and gardens along my walk. These pictures are for your enjoyment!


The riverfront at Penns landing was quiet but you can see where they have a line of trees near the bridge. I bet the spring is beautiful here.


Winter garden along the riverwalk in Philly.


On the way towards Independence Hall, this small 18th Century Garden stood quietly on the side. It’s neat, organized bushes and plants are laid out similar to what you would find in an 18th Century style garden.

Finally, the Magic Garden by the artist Isiah. It was more of a mosaic tile garden but, beautiful in its own, creative way. Perhaps something like this could also be done in your own backyard!!

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