U.S. Botanical Garden: Cabbage on a Stick

This past weekend I decided to take a cold, quick-paced walk out to the National Botanical Garden.  This is a great spot to check out in the winter.  It’s warm, the air is super fresh, and it’s relaxing to walk around leisurely and look at the plants.  There are so many to see and learn about that I usually only focus on a few before just sitting upstairs in the Tropical section where the warmest spot is!  This past weekend, one particular plant I saw and wanted to talk about is the Cabbage on a Stick20170107_162623

First off, I stopped because it was so cute sitting there on the rocks with it’s short stubby succulent trunk and endeared by it’s large, bright green leaves.  I thought it’s name, Cabbage on a Stick, is so appropriate.  It’s botanical name is the Brighamia insignis.


The Botanical Garden has a useful information poster next to the C-O-S plant that I thought was interesting and sad at the same time. These cute little plants are on the verge of extinction. Due to human development, competition from invasive species, and the extinction of it’s pollinator, the sphingid moth, this is now considered “Critically Endangered”.  Conservationists are doing what they can to save this plant through pollination and collecting seeds from botanical gardens.  20170107_162605

This plant is endemic Hawaiian species, meaning it only grows naturally in Hawaii and is found in the cliffs of Kauai.  It’s a shorty too reaching only about 3-6 feet in height typically though some are known to grow taller.  It’s a perennial that blooms around September time frame.


If you’re in DC or near a botanical garden, I encourage you to go out and take a look at the this plant if they have it. Taking care of this planet and her species from animals to the plants is something all humans have responsibility for.  I hope you, as a reader of For Greener Thumbs, appreciate all the plants that earth has to offer.


  1. I am going to chek it out this nice plant cabbage on an stick. I will be inDC this March and hope is still stand up strong.
    Thank you for the information. It is very interesting to follow you.


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