Propagation via Cuttings

I woke up this morning and decided to spend a good 2 hours carefully potting and setting up the variety of plants gifted to me last weekend from a loved one! We spent time walking through her garden, both indoor and out, with a pair of pruners and proceeded to cut the baby plants from her larger, beautiful plants so that I could try and add them to my own garden.  Each plant is different in where to cut it for the best chances of propagation.  Use a sharp, clean pair of pruners or shears to cut the plant for propagation.  We used a basket and carefully put each plant into the basket.  Once we finished gathering the plants, we took them inside to carefully rinse them. A few were dug up from the ground in which case we wrapped those in newspaper and slightly dampened it with the dirt we dug up.  Of course, check for bugs prior to wrapping it up and do not use them if there is any infestation.  Her plants are all clean and happy so we wrapped up a few with soil then moved on to the cuttings.  The cuttings we carefully placed in a plastic box layering them with wet paper towels so as to protect the leaves as much as possible.  Once everything was sealed up nice and neat, I was ready to take them to my house.


Some of the types of plants above include the Christmas Cactus, African Violet, the Chinese Evergreen, a few varieties of veggies and succulents.  20170107_184002

As you can see from the above picture, there is a great variety of succulents given to me.  Some were a bit damaged from the transportation of the plants but, great care was taken to help them along the way.  20170107_184010

I waited a week with my cuttings in the plastic box before I had the time to pot them.  I kept the lid open to get them some air and ensured they still had moist towels and newspapers wrapped around each plant.  Once I opened them back up, I laid each piece carefully in my sink and rinsed them once more.  Then, I used potting soil and loosely filled small pots, cups and jars that I could use as their starter pots.  With new cuttings, it’s very important to ensure the soil is loose in order to allow the new fragile roots to easily dig into the dirt.  20170107_184021

Give the plants time to root, perhaps a couple months, before deciding to move to a more permanent home.  Moving them too soon may hurt the newly developed roots and anytime you repot a plant it’s like a shock to the system.

Some of the plants, as you can see, I put directly in water and will wait for them to show some roots before putting into soil.  With the lettuce, I may only need to wait a few days before I’ll be able to put them into dirt and they will grow easily. 20170107_184037

The Chinese Evergreen already has a small white root but, this has been sitting in water a couple weeks and is taking a little longer to get it’s roots.  I tested it out to see which will grow faster and stronger – one baby I put directly into soil while the other I put in water and then will transfer to soil after it shows a little more roots.

In future blogs, I will show the progress of each of these plants and go into more specifics of care for the plant.  I’m excited to have all these new plants here with me today and happy to see that they seem perky even after having been cooped up for a week!

Thanks for reading  all and don’t forget to share this blog with your family and friends!


  1. It is the way i started learning how to grow plants. All begin the first month arrived to the State i have cutting from friends.
    I probably can‘remember correct name but certainly able to tell the story behind of my plants.
    We filled in our poll several yesrs ago so learn to grow more vegetables for our daily cooking. After retired i spend more time to be a farmer. Till this day working in my yard turn to be a major project especially during summer season.
    I am happy to find out that my kid is/are also get into plants,dirt,diggins and lots of happy hours.
    A mother,s love have plant in, spread and shareed our love to a very long time to come.
    I am proud.

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