Taking Time for your Plants and Yourself

We are busy people nowadays, constantly busy with our computers, laptops, kindles, phones and always checking Instagram, blogs and the latest Facebook feeds.  I’ll admit, I enjoy getting online and searching through my different social media platforms – I mean I did start this blog which encourages people to get online and start reading.  I did this with the hope to share gardening tips and to also receive them from all the great minds out there!  Also, I hope to encourage more people who maybe were thinking about getting a plant or have never done gardening before to start doing so!

Regardless of how busy I get, one thing I told myself as a New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to start using more of my free time to cultivate plants. Don’t have the time you say?  Well, I think that it’s all about setting your priorities for how to use your time everyday.  I have many things I have to do, and many things I want to do.  When I add these two up, I come up with a number that is greater than 24 hrs per day!  Therefore, I prioritize and balance the requirements versus the desires in order to lead a happy and balanced life.


Give yourself a little free time and set a goal to care for a plant or plants!  Vary it based on what works best for you. Do you like to spend a few minutes everyday checking up on a plant and giving it some care or would you rather spend 1 hr on a day off, maybe a weekend or whatever day you have free?

Typically, I will take either Saturday or Sunday morning to tend to all my plants. For the indoor plants, I’ll generally go through each room and see if there are old, brown leaves to trim off.  I will stick my finger in the soil and check the moisture level.  I use either filtered water or add some fertilizer to the water depending on when I need to use it for the plants. I try to keep them all on the same schedule for when I need to feed them fertilizer.


Then, there are some weekends when I know (because I decided sometime in the week prior) that I will need to repot a plant or two.  Or, maybe  I’ve gotten new plants that I want to repot.  Perhaps I know I will want to start a few seedlings or propagate one of my plants into a new pot.  I put a lot of my cuttings into water to develop roots and then, need to take the time to place them in their new earth home.  When I know I am going to spend more time gardening, I will prep my space with the right tools and give myself the time to pot my plants.  These days are usually my favorite because it is like a meditation for me.  It can take me from 1 hr to a few depending on how many plants I am potting or what type of care I am giving my house plants.  The most time I dedicate to plants are during outdoor gardening sessions when I know I need to weed and prune my outdoor plants.  I almost get into a “Zone” and time passes so quickly and satisfyingly.

Typically, when the weather is good and I am doing outdoor work, I’ll get up early on Saturday morning, go for a run/jog. Then, when I return I stretch a bit, get some coffee in my hands, and immediately start cleaning up the outdoor gardens.  I like to balance how much to do in one session however, of between 1-3 hrs max.  Otherwise, I do get a bit tired and want to do nothing but watch TV or scroll my news feeds for the next couple hours!!  (Maybe write my blog during this time!)


With time and patience, you too can develop a beautiful garden.  If you’re a beginner, I would start off with an indoor plant. Depending on the type, you would only need to dedicated a few minutes per week to keep it happy and growing.  There are even some types, such as the cactus or succulent, that could require even less time than that!  Take a few minutes for yourself, grow a plant, and smile.

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  1. I think care for plants are mostly for our mind and body. It is a good place to put our mind into plants, dirt and hands on pots, digger, or trimmer. They don’t complaint but certainly grow well if under a loving care. I love talking to them, care for them or even playing music for them.
    S. J

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