The Houseleek or Aeonium

This beautiful succulent plant is a pleasure to have in your garden or even indoor as a potted plant.  It’s shiny, plump leaves and thick stem grow tall and add a wonderful dimension to your garden.  They thrive in northern California weather (in Sacramento) where you can see them all over the garden in the pictures posted here.

Propagation: At the part where you see a baby aeonium coming out of the stem, you cut at where the baby stem connects to the larger one.  Then, simply place gently into soil and it will take root.  See the picture here for what a baby one looks like and how it grows out of the larger aeonium.  The middle picture are of babies cut only 5 months ago and rooted – notice how large they have already grown.  With a happy aeonium, they may produce up to 20 babies!


Flower: Notice where the flower is coming out of the middle, called the rosette.  This occurs in the winter time and once it happens, the rosette will typically die.  But, not to worry because the little baby rosettes will have grown from the main one that you can easily grow into another full grown aeonium.

Water and Temperature:  Keep the soil moist but not overly wet nor dry.  These plants are kept outdoor in Sacramento where the temperature is mild to cool in the winter and gets very hot in the summer.  They prefer a moderate climate however and will not do well where it frosts.    In the hotter weather, they tend to stay dormant and really start to grow in the cooler temperatures (50-60F).

Soil: They do well in normal potting soil and do not require a lot of dirt or room to root in. Also, notice the aerial roots that come down to secure the tall plant into the ground.  Even still, because the rosettes are so heavy, we use sticks and some string to keep them from falling over.  In the pictures below, notice how tall the one has grown – about 4.5 feet tall after a couple years!  It has a stick to keep it upright.

I hope you enjoy this blog and try growing your own aeonium. They are such great ornamental plants. If you have one with babies, give a cutting as a gift for  friends as it is so pretty and fairly easy to care for!


  1. I fell in love to this plant at plant sale about 15 years ago. They looks like flower by itself, shine leave and color with almost red plus jade green.
    I have plant the baby plant every corner in my yard, send bunch of baby plant to churchplant sale or just to my ffriends.
    I enjoy them very much.


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