Snake Plant

They say this plant is an easy one to grow.  It’s been true for my mom and my friends with this plant. They grow nice and tall and make babies so plentiful for them all.  This is one of the most easy to care for plants. I have one, it’s been alive for a long time but, I keep it restricted in a shallow dish (no hole on bottom) because I only water it about half an ounce once a week.  Therefore, it does not grow tall.  They call it a snake plant, sansevieria or even mother-in-law tongue.

Water: Do not put water directly on the leaves or near the base of the plant. If you do, the leaves may start getting yellow and rot.  The best way to water is around the dirt on the edge of the plant. I only water about 1/2 ounce once a week on the edge of the pot on the dirt, away from the leaves or base of the plant.

Soil: I use normal potting soil.  Make sure to let the soil dry out between watering.  If you notice roots starting to come out the bottom of  the pot, it is time to repot the plant.

Light: They actually do well in indirect or even low light. This makes them great container plants for indoors.

Propagation: You can cut a leaf into a piece about an inch or two long, then place the cut end into dirt to allow it to start growing roots.  Also, what has always worked best for me, is to can cut one leaf of the plant, and place into shallow water (about an inch). Once you see roots start to grow from the bottom, then you can put it into dirt and it will grow. (about a couple days).

These plants do not like cold weather, they prefer a steady to warmer temperature.  Therefore, these do best indoor.  It’s a hardy plant and you can usually see these in shopping centers or public areas (indoors).  It’s also good to keep indoors because it cleans the air for you.  Later, I will post a blog on the top plants to have indoors to improve your air quality.  Keeping it in the corner of your bedroom helps purify your air and overall, helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle.


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  1. I’m still learning a better way to care for snake plant. I received pot of two leaves plant from Eve about 10 years ago. It grows well at time after repot several times during these years. Their roots spread in the big pot so I divided them in few group to put some out doors under patio. They all died and rot that winter. I learned it is a indoor plant very quick.
    Some of indoor one grow really tall. I love to have snake plant in side house.


    1. Thank you for the comments. I agree, these are difficult at first if you don’t know how to properly water the plants. I feel it’s misleading when many websites say how easy this plant is.


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